Our Approach

On time delivery is critical to our clients and can be a determining factor in gaining repeat business. Our efficient application approach will ensure timely fulfilment of their obligations.

Our 5 key stages are as follows:
Seamless and quick application process. We will respond within 24 hours of your application.
Complete online application form and submit all required documents
Due Diligence
Complete online application form and submit all required documents
Application assessment and outcome generation. If successful (yes), we will partner with you and fund 100% of transaction
Supplier Engagement
Once all the relevant documentation is confirmed and the legal requirements are satisfied we engage with your supplier and facilitate the delivery of goods.
Monitoring & Closure
We will ensure that goods are delivered in scope and on time
Who Is Eligible?
  • All Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) including start-ups who are registered with the CIPC.
  • Must have a valid contract or purchase order to supply and deliver goods to a reputable large corporate and/or public sector entity.
  • Or a valid contract to deliver the following infrastructure projects:
    • Civil works
    • Construction of social housing (RDP’s and low-cost housing)
    • Construction of schools
    • Construction of clinics
  • All primary activities of the business must be operated within South Africa.
  • Applicants must have a South African identity document or valid passport and the required permits.
  • Already existing legal entities.
  • CIPC company registration documents.
  • The enterprise must be compliant with the generally accepted legal requirements and practices appropriate to the business legal status and nature of business.
  • Applicants must have a valid contract or purchase order with an offtaker.
  • FICA documents and proof of residence no older than three months.
  • Other relevant documents may be required at the time of review.
Assessment Criteria
TCI will assess the attractiveness and suitability of transaction opportunities in terms of (among others):
Financial viability of the purchase order or contract
i.e. is it profitable for both parties?
Can it be done as per the terms of the contract?
SME's capability
Can the SME deliver on the contract or project, i.e. do they have the required experience or skillset to execute?
Funding impact
Potential impact of the funding on the business in the following key areas:
  • Growth and stability of the business
  • The business' ability to create and sustain jobs
  • Access to market and future business that the current opportunity may lead to (sustainability)