Our Solutions

Growing SME’s Through Innovation and Partnership



Our expertise in the markets in which we operate combined with our industry and product knowledge enables us to offer our clients innovative solutions to help them achieve their strategic goals.

Our team of experts offers advisory services in the following key areas:

Sourcing and Vetting

of suppliers and products as specified in the contract/purchase order


including transportation and insurance (goods in transit and storage)

Delivery Risk Management

including international trade where goods need to be imported

Purchase Order/Contract Funding

Purchase Order/Contract Funding

We provide innovative funding solutions to SME’s that have valid contracts or purchase orders with established companies in the public and private sector.

This solution is intended for SME’s with purchase orders and contracts to provide goods and/or services within a short period (30 - 60 days).

Bespoke Programmes With Private and Public Entities

We partner with large companies and create bespoke funding programmes for their SME supplier base. This solution allows suppliers who are doing business with these companies to access our funding solutions (should they choose us) through a seamless process that is governed by the terms of the agreement between TCI and the company.

Working Capital Solutions

Working Capital Solutions

We provide funding solutions to SME’s in need of funding to complete a project. The SME must be in possession of a valid contract with short-term invoice cycles (i.e. invoices per project stage or percentage of work completed).

We partner with the SME and provide the required funding for each stage or phase of the project until completion.

Our working capital solutions cater for infrastructure projects in the following categories:

Construction of social housing

RDP and Low-cost housing

Construction of schools
Construction of clinics
Selected bulk infrastructure projects
Enterprise Development

Enterprise Development

We have a deep commitment to Enterprise Development (ED) and this is aligned to our core vision of empowering SME’s and this serves as our contribution to achieving our country’s socio-economic objectives. We are committed to investing time, knowledge and capital to help SME’s establish, grow and become sustainable so they can in turn create jobs and contribute to their local economy.

We offer a cutting-edge Enterprise and Supplier Development Program through an end-to-end process that includes:


This addresses specifically the shortfall in a large corporate’s 15% EME and 15% QSE spend targets, enterprise and supplier development contributions as well as associated risks with introducing more small suppliers to a company’s product supply chain.